Teacher Survey LogoThe Tell Them From Me (TTFM) Focus on Learning Teacher Survey is designed as a planning tool for schools, and can be used to dramatically enhance Professional Development sessions. The online survey is completely anonymous, and provides an easy way to gather immediate feedback on a number of measures based on the Outward Bound effective teaching model. The survey looks at eight distinct measures that ultimately aim to encourage the creation of a stimulating, inclusive and engaging school climate.

Teacher SurveyGive Students and Teachers the Support They Need to be Successful

The Focus on Learning Teacher Survey is based on a model that includes setting challenging and visible learning goals, the intentional transfer of skills and knowledge through planned learning opportunities, quality feedback that guides students’ effort and attention, and support for students to overcome obstacles. The 8 measures (Leadership, Collaboration, Learning Culture, Data Informs Practice, Teaching Strategies, Technology, Inclusive School, Community Involvement) assess the traditional aspects of classroom and school effectiveness for which there is strong evidence of their effects on student achievement. Ensuring that these elements are observed and monitored will take you great strides towards maintaining an environment of teachers and students who are achieving their best.

Get the Most Out of Your PD Sessions

The report is available within two school days of closing the survey, and can be exported as a PDF in one click. A summary ‘radar’ chart shows your school’s average scores on a ten-point scale for the 8 measures. The report shows a distribution of answers for each measure which allows administrators to target specific factors. With such an easy process, the survey can be taken just ahead of a PD session or staff meeting, and the results then used for open discussion on collective strengths and weaknesses while thoughts are still fresh. For district-wide implementations, a district comparison line can also be generated which provides a ‘dot plot’ chart showing where each school fits in with other schools in their district. The Focus on Learning Teacher Survey encourages effective collaboration, communication and continued improvement.


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