Who uses Tell Them From Me (TTFM)?

TTFM was designed with multiple audiences in mind, meaning that it is just as useful for principals and school administrators as it is for district and provincial-level administrators. The ultimate goal is to improve learning outcomes for students, so all of the multiple stakeholders involved in this common interest will find powerful ways to use TTFM as an integral part of improvement efforts. There are different access levels for entering the TTFM system, so depending on your role, you will find tools custom made for your needs. Districts and provinces find tools to roll-up and drill-down data across their jurisdiction indispensible, and schools delight in finally being able to use their data for their own initiatives.

What do we get when we sign up?

You’ll get access to the OurSCHOOL online environment, which allows you to administer a survey up to two times throughout the calendar year from your sign-up date, and the ability to view your data and previous years’ data for an unlimited time.

Completing the student surveys will also give you unlimited access to our comprehensive and unbeatable online reporting tools, which include interactive charts, dynamic drill-down features, Scrapbook, district roll-up charts, One-Click reports, qualitative data analysis tools, and rich comparison lines, made possible by The Learning Bar’s status as the largest school survey in Canada.

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be able to take advantage of the many resources available exclusively for members, as well as free training webinars, a stellar Helpdesk, and your own Account Success Manager, who will be on hand to help maximize your experience with us.

Will it work with our budget?

We have attractive licenses for both small and large jurisdictions. We apply the most cost effective license depending on your unique make-up, such as the number of schools or students. Please contact us today for a quotation made just for your needs.

Is TTFM just for Canadian schools?

Not at all! Although most of our experience to date has been coast-to-coast in Canada, we have worked in other parts of the world and are open to further development of our work world-wide. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you’re located outside of Canada.