“Our mission is to show global leadership in enhancing the life chances of children and youth by providing reliable student, teacher and parent voice to school improvement efforts, using actionable online survey information.”


The Learning Bar’s flagship solution, Tell Them From Me, is a survey evaluation system designed specifically to address the needs of schools. Founded in 2005 by Dr. J. Doug Willms and Patrick Flanagan, The Learning Bar provides a suite of student, teacher and parent surveys that give reliable data to support school improvement planning for learning leaders and school administrators. The solution can be tailored to the needs of provincial education departments, small or large district-level implementations, and also to individual schools.

An evaluation system that originally addressed Student Engagement, Student Voice and School Climate has since evolved into an offering of over 40 reliable indicators. Following on from the flagship student survey, The Learning Bar also offer an Elementary School Survey, a Focus on Learning Teacher Survey, and a Partners in Learning Parent Survey, as well as pre-configured surveys designed around specific topics of interest.

With a robust, secure architecture supported by a responsive team, and based on a strong foundation of research and statistical methods, Tell Them From Me has become the largest national student survey in Canada.

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Tell Them From Me empowers students by allowing them to have direct input into the improvement of the school.  By having immediate results to the survey measures, we always have a finger on the pulse, can develop appropriate strategies and interventions as needed, and receive regular, honest feedback directly from our students about our efforts.

This is an effective and efficient way to get parent input. It has worked well for us and, obviously, parents took the time to make their thoughts heard. I will be sharing this information with all staff in the new year and with our School development committee in particular.

We were proud of the high percentage of students who had a sense of belonging at the school and endeavored to maintain that by encouraging student voice, community connections, teacher/student connections for those identified as “at risk” and various social groups like, “Circle of Friends”.

We increased school clubs to include a student voice committee, other student led interest groups an expanded band program and reintroduced a Drama Club. As a result there has been an increase in the number of male students involved in clubs.