Make Decisions Based On Accurate Data

School Surveys

School Surveys

Student, teacher and parent surveys, combined with an unbeatable reporting system, provide you with powerful data to aid whole school improvement.

School Survey Reporting Tools

Reporting Tools

Interactive charts, drill-downs, comparison lines, One-Click reports, Scrapbook, year-over-year data, qualitative tools, and more. You can have it all with TTFM.

Pre-Configured School Surveys

Pre-Configured Surveys

These surveys have been pre-configured for such topics as bullying and school safety, student engagement, and health, and are ideal for targeted improvement efforts.

Teacher Survey

Teacher Survey

Establish and maintain a school environment of continuous improvement. Ideal for use as a professional development planning tool.

Why Tell Them From Me?

TTFM is an online school survey system that can provide a forum for students, teachers and parents to make their voices heard. It produces information that administrators can use today to shape effective learning strategies, reduce barriers to learning, and to ensure that our schools offer the safest and most welcoming learning environment for all students.

  • Anonymous, allowing for honest and open feedback
  • Survey measures based on current leading-edge research, producing reliable and valid results
  • Measurement of intervention impact through continuous online monitoring, during the school year and year-over-year
  • Immediate results in user-friendly formats, making knowledge dissemination easy through one-click reports, dynamic online interactive charts, as well as district and provincial roll-ups
  • Compare your school to a virtual school that has the same student composition, and drill down your data by grade, gender, language group, grade repetition, and other variables of interest for a fair comparison
  • Qualitative and quantitative measures provide an integrated evaluation approach for “whole school improvement”



Tell Them From Me empowers students by allowing them to have direct input into the improvement of the school. By having immediate results to the survey measures, we always have a finger on the pulse, can develop appropriate strategies and interventions as needed, and receive regular, honest feedback directly from our students about our efforts. More

This is an effective and efficient way to get parent input. It has worked well for us and, obviously, parents took the time to make their thoughts heard. I will be sharing this information with all staff in the new year and with our School development committee in particular. More